Technological Summary

  • Technology name

    Bee Responsible Certification.

  • Innovation summary

    Audit service for fruit orchards and biological reserves that carry out farming and environmental handling processes that are sustainable with bees and other pollinators. Innovative certification which links the pollinator and fruit producer so that both
    sides are benefited.

  • Opportunity

    In Chile, the fruit industry is the largest food export industry so it is necessary to distinguish ourselves from the worldwide competition through sustainability indicators. This can improve the image of our country abroad and can also allow us to enter new markets in tune with more informed consummers that are aware of the importance of pollinators in the food chain.

  • Market size

    Fruit exports reached 600 million USD in January, 2015.
    In Chile, the fruit industry is composed by 13.800 producers, 300 fruit orchards and 60 processing companies. The export area has 7.800 producers and 518 export companies. In 2015, there was an increase in the total volume of export of fresh fruit: cherries (+30%), blueberies (+32%), among others.

  • Industry

    Farming, Fruit, Biological Reserves.

  • Development stage

    Sales Level 1.

  • Intellectual Property Status

    Under protection process.